Below are a few answer to common questions about the WI State Button Society and membership thereof. If you have any other inquiries, please feel free to submit them HERE.

a pile of vintage and antique clothing buttons made of assorted materials
  • What kind of organization is the WI State Button Society (WSBS) and how is it funded?
  • The Wiscsonsin State Button Society is a 501(c)(7)non-profit social club organized for the pleasure, recreation and other similar purposes, funded through annual membership fees and dues.

Are my membership dues, gifts or donations tax deductible?

  • No, unfortunately, contributions to 501(c)(7) nonprofits are not tax deductible as charitable contributions.

What’s included in a membership to the WI State Button Society?

  • Access! To the community and resources associated with button collectors in the state of WI (both in person and online), along with connections to other button societies.
  • Members receive a printed bulletin twice (2x) a year which includes topical articles and relevant WSBS activities and news
  • Plus an annual “Show Supplement” which provides details of our annual button show/competition awards,  and an updated member roster.
  • Inclusion in exclusive digital Button eBlasts between bulletins and archived issues of past bulletins online
  • Included is automatic membership to the Midwest Regional Button Association.
Can I join anytime? When are annual dues paid?
  • Yes, you may join any time of year! If you join after the 1st or the year, we will still make sure you receive both copies of the bulletin & show supplement for the calendar year in which you join.
  • We ask that annual dues/renewals be paid on or before December 1st, one month prior to a new calendar year, to ensures members receive their Winter bulletin (typically sent in January) in a timely manner.

What is an annual Button Show and what do members do there?

  • If you are new to button collecting, attending a button show can be a very exciting and educational event!
  • WSBS hosts an annual State show typically in June or July, except in years when the National Button Society holds their convention in WI.
  • Our WSBS members come from all over and look forward to connecting with each other, while getting to shop the various dealer booths, and catch up on all things button related during the programs provided.
  • The annual show is the ‘competition’ portion of the event. All members are encouraged to participate, however, it is not required.
  • Members/clubs submit ‘awards’ (descriptions of a category they wish to have members compete in)  in advance of the show (sent in the Show supplement).